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Website usability audit or UX (user experience) analysis is aimed at checking the web pages in terms of easy usage. As a result of applying a quality audit, the primary business indicators will improve sales, number of applications, average check, reduction in the price of attracting and supporting customers.

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During the usability audit, our experts carefully examine the behavior of users on the site using special tools. We analyze maps of customers moving around the website, entry-exit pages, behavioral factors, user interaction with the basket and forms, etc.

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from $90

Usability analysis goes through several stages: our experts test the site for functionality, loading speed, ease of navigation, behavioral and commercial factors. The cost is based on the size of the website, the connection of additional services, and is negotiated individually. Depending on the objectives of the audit, a strategy will be built, and the final cost will be set.

After applying the recommendations, our customers save on advertising, while increasing conversion by an average of 15-25%.

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Niche and target audience analysis

We study the business environment deeply: these are, first of all, potential customers and competitors. Understanding the needs of the target audience, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, we can effectively use this information on your website.

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Studying the behavior of site visitors

Only a thorough analysis of the behavior of visitors on your website will help to find out the errors of the interface. We track the paths of potential customers through the pages, time spent, entry and exit points. The principal ways for improving the website business-indicators forms at this stage.

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Analysis of the technical part of the site

Modern Internet users are very moody and impatient: an extra couple of seconds while waiting for the page to load - and we lost the client. Checking the site loading speed is by no means the only thing we pay attention to. We analyze the content of texts, descriptions, forms, page layout, and much more.

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Barrier search

Based on the information received, it is now possible to identify all the barriers that prevent customers from deciding in favor of a purchase. At this stage, basic instructions are developed to eliminate all factors that lower conversion.

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Redone analysis and report preparation

Separately for each item, we draw up detailed instructions and recommendations, note the strengths and weaknesses of the site, required and additional activities to increase sales, and build customer loyalty.

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Is it possible to order a usability analysis of a site without SEO promotion?
It is possible, a usability audit is provided both separately and as part of complex services.
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Who conducts the usability audit of the site?
Our SEO experts, and UX / UI designer.
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What information is needed to start an audit?
All we need is a website URL, guest access to statistics collection tools, a promotion region, and a list of landing pages.
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How often do we need usability analysis?
Given the dynamic development of web-technologies and marketing tools, it is advisable to carry out this analysis every 7-9 months.
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