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A seemingly insignificant error in the code, incorrect work of a particular function can critically affect the speed and quality of promotion. The technical condition of the website has a high impact on the speed of indexing and the effectiveness of SEO.

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A technical SEO audit is carried out before the optimization starts, or before moving the site to a new domain, or after the redesign. Also, it is systematic and is carried out once a year or year and a half for all commercial projects.

the price of technical audit

from $90

On average, a website technical audit takes from 12 to 24 hours. It all depends on the size of the project, the CMS system, and the provision of the required accesses. The price bases on the amount of work.

After the audit is done we will give you a detailed report on the work done indicating the correctly working parameters and those that you need to pay attention to correct existing problems on the project. Each error accompanies recommendations for elimination.

You can also order a search for technical errors and their solutions from us by our SEO-specialists and programmers.

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the results of technical analysis

stages of technical analyses

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Site structure evaluation

The logical construction of categories and pages is a vital relevance factor for both Google and Yandex. The specialist evaluates the comprehensibility of the categories and their logical content.

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URL generation analysis

The quality and correctness of the URLs formation also depend on the speed of indexing and the ingress of pages in the search results. The specialist evaluates the formation of URLs according to the parameters required from search engines.

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Work with additional page functionality

Pagination, the formation of breadcrumbs, the correct operation of all available filters, localization, the search, the definition of canonical URLs, etc.

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Analysis of technical files

Formation of a site map (HTML, XML), image and video maps, the correct filling of the robots.txt file, fixing page 404 and 50X errors.

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Search for errors

Assessing the state of the site, searching for 404 errors and broken links, compiling a separate list of problems found for further resolving them.

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CMS performance assessment

Checking all the functionality, displaying all available blocks in the admin panel on the site pages, the availability of the primary required functionality for SEO.

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Analysis of site loading speed

Estimation of the loading speed of all landing pages and the project as a whole, verification of image optimization.

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Testing analytics

Analysis of the correct connection of analytics systems to the site, as well as the quality of their tracking of parameters and events, checking the correctness of setting goals, site mirrors, and domain gluing.

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