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What's happening?

Did you know that sites can be "ill"? Yes-yes. And their symptoms can be serious: the site’s position in search results deteriorates sharply, the attendance of the website drops quite noticeably and, accordingly, the income. The reason for this all lies in the fact that you fell under the filter of Google search engines. This happens if you have low-quality content, an excessive amount of advertising, or competitors have “ordered” you (yes, it can happen, you won’t believe it).

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Algorithm "Minusinsk" keeps track of SEO links and their number.
AGS filter sifts pages with duplicate or bad-quality content.
Baden Baden monitors for poor, spammed content.
The "Panda" algorithm studies the quality of a website.
The "Penguin" algorithm controls the links.
Affiliation. Too similar websites.

the prise of recovery after penalties

от $300

The recovery after Google algorithms rather laborious work and the matter brooks no delay. The faster you do the necessary steps - the faster you will return to the positions and start making money!

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advantages of cooperation with us

stages of recovery from penalties

You get a quality and professional approach

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Detection of the algorithm

We use advanced problem-oriented tools.

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Technical optimization

We correct bugs, defects, write a list of commands in special files for search robots. We check the server response code, test the adaptation of the site for mobile devices, optimize the loading speed.

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Analysis of the links

Analyze the sources of incoming links, eliminate poor-quality ones. We develop a natural link profile.

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Analysis of the content

If your site is under penalties of Google, then this may be caused by poor-quality content. Uniqueness (stolen content from another resource) and spamming with "keys" are the main factors that search engines may not like.

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The site is alive

We constantly update it with useful information for the better work of the site.

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Working out a strategies of recovery

When the causes of pessimization are eliminated, we will start developing a strategy for returning your site to its previous positions. As a maximum, the resource returns to its initial positions and begins to grow to the TOP.

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How to understand that the site is under the penalties?
The poor visits, declining positions in SERP, there are notifications about the absence of pages in organic results.
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How to cure my website quickly?
Everything depends on penalties the site is under. On average, it takes at least four weeks to do all the necessary work for the site to start returning its positions.

what happens after penalties

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To understand why you had a profitable website 7 days ago, and now it begins to plummet in positions, you need to check for Google filters. There are two types of pessimization - manual and automatic. In the first case, the site falls into the "blacklist" by the will of the system, in the second - by the will of the moderator.

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To avoid the “yellow card” it is necessary for the site to correspond to request of users and give the most needed and useful information. The search engine constantly crawls the pages of all sites. If the system notices that something is wrong, an algorithm is launched that reduces the website’s performance. As a result - low attendance, zero profit.

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