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Website optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving the position of the site in the results of search engines for specific search queries. Professionally conducted SEO optimization is an obligatory preparatory stage of website promotion in search engines.

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Internal website optimization for search engines implies a step-by-step process from analysis and assessment of the current state of a website to technical optimization and site setup in search engines.

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The cost of website SEO optimization consists of many factors, like the volume and types of work performed, the number of specialists involved, the need for additional costs of material and human resources. Based on the current state of your website, the desired result, the necessary set of services for optimizing the site is selected. The price, respectively, consists of the factors above.

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Formation of the url of the page

The optimization and promotion of the site are significantly affected by the brevity and clarity of the address: the URL should consist of understandable words (maybe even key ones), not a set of characters that are obvious only to its author and machine.

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Composition of meta tags

Title, description, keywords that contain a description of the page, keywords for it, information about the company or author.

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Semantic core

Selection and distribution of key search queries on pages.

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Filling content

Placing the informatively rich, stylistically, and grammatically correctly formatted texts.

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Graphic and video content

Well-chosen multimedia materials will attract the attention of the user and complement the text content.

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Usability and interface

Website optimization aimed at maximum convenience and comfort of use for each visitor, which is most important for online stores and other selling sites;

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The use of internal link distribution schemes helps optimize and promote sites in search engines.

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SEO-optimization will improve your site qualitatively: its content, structure, and technical parameters. As a result, you will get a higher ranking in the Google and Yandex search engines.

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Professionally conducted site optimization will promote it in search engines, which will not only attract new visitors to your page but also help them become your customers/users/consumers. Therefore, the process of optimizing and promoting sites in search engines should be carried out by high-level professionals: SEO experts, web designers, copywriters, content managers.

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