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It's a SEO audit time

When is a right time to SEO your site?

The website doesn’t sell, has ceased to sell or you are going to optimize it? Begin with search audit. The service allows to estimate the real situation of the project in search engines, to reveal “weak points” which could appear after providing low-quality SEO services, updating of Google or Yandex algorithms or lack of preliminary optimization at all. SEO audit also allows estimating work of your web specialist.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


Price for SEO audit

from $50

The price includes search audit and recommendations for site optimization. The price of SEO audit of the website is formed after analyzing the scope of work. The audit will take 8-14 working hours of the expert. Also, the age of the domain, the number of pages, previous optimization, competition in the market and the region of promotion have an influence on the price formation.

To get the price for SEO audit of your project – leave the application. We will contact you in a day to give the price.

6 reasons to order SEO audit

6 reasons to order SEO audit

  • A targeted traffic should be increased.

    90% of the websites receive less traffic because of problems with internal optimization.

  • The pages are indexed too bad

    Or do not index at all. SEO audit helps to find the reasons and fixes the issues

  • The site is falling in search engines results.

    To find out the reason, to confirm or exclude sanctions and filters from search engines

  • The keywords don't appear in the TOP of search engines

    Three months have passed and keywords don't grow? We will find a problem!

  • The evaluation of the links of the site

    It is very important to check all the links for the sites, which are more than 2 years old

  • Insurance of services of promotion

    We will check the quality of SEO services you have had earlier.

What is included?

What is included into SEO audit?

  • 1 Analysis of visibility . This point includes several parameters: whether all the commercial pages were included in the index, the correctness technical files which influence the quality of visibility of the project for search bots. We find out why some of the pages are not in the index if the site has such issues.
  • 2 Review of the technical parameters that have influence on SEO. These parameters are important as they define how search engines treat the site. We check loading speed of pages, the correctness of URL formation, existence of broken links, 404 errors, etc.
  • 3 Checking of external factors . The expert looks for mirrors or affiliate links of the website. Their existence affects on promotion, and it is possible to receive sanctions because of affiliates. In a complex, it negatively affects on positions.
  • 4 Analysis of a semantic core. On this stage, the experts evaluate the relevance of keywords on the site. Also, they check metatags, H1 headers.To give qualitative recommendations we analyze the semantics of competitors.
  • 5 Review of the site content. The text materials on the website have to correspond to a number of parameters. These parameters help to control the process of promotion. At this stage, content is checked for uniqueness, usefulness, keywords presence, logicality of structure, etc.
  • 6 Drawing up a report . After the audit, we draw up a report on the done work. Besides the issues revealed during the analysis, we will offer the optimal variants of a solution of the problems.

Order the SEO audit for your site

SEO analysis is needed for all projects aimed at attracting traffic, target audience and sales. This applies to both b2b and b2c segments. By estimating the SEO components of the site and of each page separately a general image of site success is created. The analysis should be done at once a site is launched. And every half a year or every year the site should be revised.