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Effective promotion of business on the Internet. We develop your business on the Internet - you receive new clients.

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What are the benefits?

The majority of buyers went to the Internet. Most users purposefully search for goods and services within the boundlessness of the Internet. What if they are looking for exactly what you can offer? This is a time to win your competitors and take the first step towards meeting online sales!
Working actively the last few years, we could work out our own strategy of search promotion of the corporate sites.
SEO promotion of the websites

  •  group of companies “KAISSA”,
  •  CATCAR company,
  •  agrarian shop “Zelenyy dom”,
  •  private institution of additional education “ESCC”,
  •  online shop GIPFEL,
  •  professional photographer Yuri Makhotin,
  •  company “Climate service»,
  •  LLC “Sparkavto Technology”

gave a new lease of life our clients and helped to reach the new heights!

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


Price for business promotion in the Internet

The company promotion in the Internet and its price. As a rule, the budget for each project is formed individually, however, based on the experience, we offer several average tariffs:

Traffic. Promotion by traffic is the preferred form of cooperation for large commercial projects and information portals.

Start. Is the optimal rate for sites of medium competitive subjects, small and/or young resources.

Regions. A special solution designed to promote resource in a given area, country. For sites with regional orientation.

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What is the result?

What will you get?

  • Constant access to the information

    distribution of current information about the company, its products/ services

  • Expert targeting of the resource

    filling the site with informative content will attract attention of the target audience

  • expansion of sales geography

    will attract new customers and strengthen loyalty of regular visitors

  • Improvement of the site structure

    creating a convenient user interface will significantly increase the conversion

  • steady growth in search traffic

    integration of new marketing channels increases sales

  • recognition of your brand in the network

    formation of a positive image of the company among potential consumers

How does it pass?

The stages of promotion of a corporate website

  • 1 Understanding of the website and its audience. Promotion can’t go without in-depth analysis of technical condition, content and behavioral factors. Having identified the problem areas of the web resource, we set the clear goals and objectives for their solution.
  • 2 Analysis of the competitors. To learn from the mistakes of others, we study the niche, identify the closest competitors, study their sites and position in search engines. Our task is to bring your business to the forefront, making all competitors stand behind you.
  • 3 Forming an optimization strategy. Taking into account the problem areas of your resource, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, we are developing a plan of actions to promote a corporate website.
  • 4 Coordination with the customer. We develop a strategy based on analytical data, take into account your constructive wishes and comments and make the necessary corrections.
  • 5 Carrying out works in accordance with the approved plan. We perform internal and external website optimization: build up the link profile, prepare high-quality content, and monitor the resource rating in search engines.

Promotion of the corporate’s site will require the following information:

The four keystones of "BONUM": analysis, solution, integration, and launching. All our work is carried out taking into account the specifics of the business, directions, and interests of the target audience (geography, gender, and age). We pay attention to every detail because every mistake can lead that your site will not be on the first page of Google and Bing search results. We scan and regulate indexing. We write high-quality, optimized for promotion, content. Improve brand awareness, as well as increasing the time spent on the pages. All this leads to an increase in profits and other positive points.


Frequently asked questions

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    When can I see the first result?

    The first results in 2 weeks after making changes to the site.
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    What if I have no a person to take care of the website?

    If there is no a person in your company to manage the site, we can provide a project manager who will oversee and control all tasks. And vice versa - if you have an employee who will supervise all the work, we will be happy to advise and provide all the necessary information.
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    What search engines will be selected for promotion in?

    Promotion is carried out not only in the search engines Google and Yandex, but in the rest, if necessary, we can work with any search engine, with the exception of Baidu.