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It would seem: promoting one page on Google is much easier than a dozen, a hundred or thousands of products from an online store. And in this belief lies the biggest misconception: one page is many times harder to promote, particularly if competitors have preferred multi-page sites. The main optimization factor is keywords. If we can evenly distribute keyword groups among suitable categories, then in the case of a landing page, you have to limit yourself to only one semantic group.

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Even if you have already spent on design and programming that answer modern search queries, competitors with decent full-scale sites will become a serious obstacle to your advancement to the top. Of course, we do not deny the effectiveness of the landing page’s SEO promotion. But the efficiency of this process largely depends on its organization: we can succeed using medium- and low-frequency keywords only after a certain period.

the price of landing page promotion

from $300

We give the price marked “from” because of several reasons, like specifics of the business, a region of optimization, the number of keywords. And one of the main factors is off-site optimization. The larger part of the budget goes to writing the articles and its publication on trust and thematic resources. The price can change due to goals, terms, and strategies of promotion.

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Complex audit

Before embarking on internal and external landing page optimization, it is necessary to analyze its current technical, SEO, link, and usability indicators. Content is also rated. Based on the results, a detailed report with recommendations is prepared to improve indexing and site growth in search engines.

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Issues correction

After an audit, in 90% of cases, the landing page requires technical improvements to create optimal conditions for the promotion. A Bonum specialist or your developer may be involved to set them up.

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On-site optimization

Elimination of technical shortcomings will improve the speed and quality of the website’s work, which is necessary for page promotion. The next stage is the compilation of the semantic core, the creation of selling meta tags, texts. Content should meet not only user expectations but also particular SEO parameters.

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Off-site optimization

Work is underway to increase the link mass. Besides, “sources” of traffic are created on thematic projects: articles are posted with a link to the landing page to redirect interested users and make a positive reputation in search engines.

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Involving additional resources

Conducting crowd marketing and making recommendations on promoting Landing Page using other marketing tools (PPC, SMM) depends on how much they justify business goals and costs.

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Analysis and report

A systematic analysis of the results achieved allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion tools in a complex, which makes it possible to develop a better promotion strategy. Based on the received data on the particular parameters of the site, we make a report for the client.

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