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Does it make sense to promote Landing Page?

It seems that to promote one page in Google is much easier than ten, hundred pages or even thousands of items in the online shop. And this thought hides the greatest delusion: the landing page is very hard in a promotion, especially if the competitors have multipage sites.

The key phrases are the essence of optimization. If it’s possible to spread evenly the keys on the relevant categories on different pages, then, in the case of a landing page, have to operate only one sense-group. Even if you already have up-to-date design and programming part that correspond search queries, the competitors with decent full-scale sites will be a serious obstacle on your way to the top.

The landing page will get the top in search just with the professional organization of the process of promotion. Also, you should realize that the success will come with time and with using mid- and low-frequency keys.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


The price of Landing Page promotion

from $200

The price is given with a mark "from" as a cost is influenced by a lot of factors: specifics of business, a region of optimization, the number of keys. And one of the basic factors is off-site optimization. The greater part of the budget goes to articles writing and publication on trust and thematic resources. The price can change due to goals, terms, and strategy of promotion.

To get the price leave an application and we will contact you soon.

guaranteed result

What are the benefits of the SEO for your Landing Page?

  • Constant traffic increasing

    Attracts more and more target visitors from search with every month.

  • Increasing of Conversion Rate

    The target traffic increases the percent of successfully done conversions on the website

  • The lower cost per each customer

    With the growth of the client base from search engines, the cost of the marketing services goes down.

  • Expanding of sales territory

    We target regions of your website promotion: sell where it is favorable!

  • Elimination of technical and SEO mistakes

    After a complex audit, the list of the found problems and mistakes will be made

  • Improvement of interaction with the users

    Professional recommendations for improving the usability of the website

What is included?

What are the stages of Landing Page promotion?

  • 1 Complex audit. Before starting the on-site and off-site optimization of the landing it is necessary to analyze its current technical, SEO, reference and usability indicators. The content is evaluated also. As a result, a detailed report will be prepared with recommendations for improving the indexing and growth of the site in the search engines.
  • 2 Issues correction. After the audit in 90% of cases, landing requires technical improvements to create the optimal conditions for promotion. They can be executed by a Bonum specialist or your developer.
  • 3 On-site optimization. Elimination of technical flaws will improve the speed and quality of the resource, necessary to promote the page. The next stage is the compilation of the semantic core, the creation of selling meta tags, texts.The content should correspond not only to user expectations but also to a number of SEO-parameters.
  • 5 Off-site Optimization. Work is underway to increase the reference profile of the site. In addition, "sources" of traffic are created on thematic projects: articles are posted with a link to landing to redirect interested users and create a positive reputation in search engines.
  • 4 Involving Additional Resources. Carry out crowd marketing and making recommendations on the promotion of Landing Page with the help of other marketing tools: PPC, SMM. Depending on how much they justify the business objectives and inputs.
  • 6 Analysis and report. A systematic analysis of the achieved results allows us to evaluate the efficiency of promotion tools in a complex. What makes it possible to work up a better strategy. Based on the received data about key site parameters, a report is made for the client.

Order Optimization of the Landing Page in Bonum

The creation and promotion of the Landing page (one-page site) is more appropriate to do in the complex. Connect an SEO-specialist to work at the stage of developing the design and functionality of the project. So you can reduce the cost of promotion in general and get an optimized site before launching. That means a faster result in the future. For optimization of the landing during the development phase, you can contact our studio. We provide a comprehensive approach to the promotion: internal and external SEO, work with reputation and reference mass. The studio has specialists from various IT-areas (programmers, designers, copywriters, content managers), which contributes to the full-scale solution of the problems of the site and the achievement of goals to promote your business.