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Under the same conditions of optimization and traffic in Russian speaking segment and English speaking segment, the latter shows several times higher profit. That is not surprising because the consumer market in Europe and America is more solvent. Creation and promotion of an English-language website for companies in Ukraine and Russia is an opportunity to reach a new audience, receive constantly growing profits, increase the reputation and brand recognition.

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Main conditions: literate texts, attractive pictures, maintaining quick feedback. And, of course, professional optimization to overtake competitors. Bonum specialists optimize English-language sites, as well as English versions of projects.

the price of promoting English site

from $900

The cost of promotion is largely determined by the region for which you want to optimize the site. We work with all English-speaking countries: the USA, England, Canada, Australia, and some European countries. For the implementation of quality work, it is required at various stages to attract English-speaking specialists and native speakers to create good content.

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stages of promotion of English websites

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Comprehensive analysis of niche and competitors

It is necessary to analyze competitors' work and success factors to surpass them in search results. Based on these data, as well as assessing the market niche, a preliminary optimization plan is drawn.

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Full site audit

Before proceeding with the optimization of a project, it is necessary to evaluate its readiness for promotion and eliminate technical problems in the code. For this, audits are conducted: SEO, technical, usability, link profile. If necessary, technical tasks prepared for specialists to eliminate the problems found.

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Semantic core collection

It is done manually, using specialized services. Keywords and phrases are selected for each commercial and information page separately. Manually all requests are evaluated for quality and relevance to the topic.

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Work with content

Drawing up a plan for filling the site with texts, drawing up Technical tasks for copywriters based on the collected semantic core. Control over the writing texts by English-speaking copywriters and their proofreading by native speakers (regional dialect) and adding them to the site.

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Connecting analytics

For conducting optimization work of high quality, the main requirement remains - tracking the results and adjusting the current promotion plan. To do this, use analytics and statistics services like Google Analytics and Webmaster. Experts connect them to the site and also configure the collection of basic statistics.

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Results Analysis

A systematic assessment of site growth indicators allows you to choose the right development tactics. All relevant parameters are analyzed: traffic, conversion, frequency of targeted actions, key growth, etc. Based on the data obtained, additional tasks for development can be formed.

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Compilation of a report

A detailed report on the work done, as well as a report on positions by keywords, behavioral factors, target audience, etc., is prepared monthly. You will be able to evaluate the results not only in dry facts, but also notice them in practice.

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