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The battle for the client on the Internet is becoming more sophisticated and organized every year. With the development of digital marketing, the promotion of an online store is only 10% dependent on the idea and product line. The remaining 90% comes from interaction with search engines, advertising settings, the availability of a mobile version, etc.

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The quality of the services provided, the experience of specialists, the relevance of the tools used will depend on whether the site breaks in the TOP or settles among typical ordinary projects. Every site is equal before the search engines. And it is the SEO optimization of the online store that decides what place your site will occupy on the World Wide Web.

the price of eCommerce shop promotion

from $900

The promotion of online shop passes in two stages: onsite optimization and off-site. Their cost differs due to various specifics of works and is defined after a complex audit. The promotion cost of online shops depends on many factors: the number of commercial pages, specifics of the business, the competition, the region, technical condition of the website at the time of the of the work start.

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the results of online shop promotion

stages of online shop promotion

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Complex analysis of a site

Analysis of technical components, SEO, usability, marketing data, competitors, link weight, and content. We give recommendations for improving the quality of online shop, work out the technical task for specialists, and develop strategies of promotion.

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Collection of semantic core

To create the main SEO tool we use the best services and methods. The success of the company depends on the quality of the semantic core. The key queries are collected for every landing page and used during the process of optimization.

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Installation of analytics and statistics services

To track the state of the project, its growth, and understanding of internal and external factors the key services must be set up correctly. Most of the services are available for the clients and allow checking the changes in the project without the help of somebody.

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Work with the structure

The loyalty of search engines and usability of your catalog to users depends on the logicality of the creation of sections and internal pages. Thanks to a semantic core and complex analysis are created the optimum structure which meets the requirements of Google and Yandex and modern users.

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Optimization of content

Information filling of pages influences the promotion of the website of a shop on average for 50%. Content is analyzed on uniqueness, the existence of keywords, their density on the page, logicality, and literacy of statement of information. The technical tasks for copywriters on the writing of relevant content are created.

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Work with a link building

The quality, quantity, and regularity of filling the list of backlinks on the website of an online store define its success in search results. Besides the growth of positions, improvement of all main indicators of profitability, backlinks create additional channels of transitions to the website of the target audience.

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Management of reputation on the Internet

We work on the creation of a necessary impression on potential buyers. Communication with users and at forums, thematic platforms are supported, and also crowd-marketing is included.

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What is SEO?
SEO-promotion is a set of works that allows you to bring your site to the top of the search engine or significantly increase its position. SEO work is necessary for online stores, commercial sites, and other resources for which traffic is important.
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SEO VS Advertising
It is more profitable to order SEO promotion of an online store. Advertising works while potential buyers see it. Stop paying for it - it will stop working. SEO works differently. First, you work for it, and then it works for you.
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The price depends on the competitiveness of topics and business niches. The promotion of non-eCommerce sites and online stores with low competition will cost from $600 per month. The promotion of a store with highly competitive themes costs $1,000 per month.
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The increase in sales will be noticeable after the first month of SEO. Remember, promotion is only one of the components. You need to use other traffic channels, as well as digital marketing. Therefore you came to the right address.
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The promotion of an online store is a process that is better not to rush. The gradual and stable growth of the site is better than a sharp rise or fall in positions in search engines. And we know how to get the most out of the traffic available on the site safely.
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The best guarantee that SEO optimization will work is to contact a company with a good reputation. Using Bonum services, you will protect yourself from unnecessary expenses. And our best guarantees are our cases and our customers.

why do you need SEO promotion?

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If you want SEO optimization to show the desired results, and the competitors not to get ahead, the promotion must be constant. It does not mean at all that every month you will allocate a tangible amount from the budget. Comprehensive audits are carried out every six months to a year, and full internal optimization - two years after the start of SEO promotion.

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The main work - external optimization of the online store - has a flexible budget formation system and a loyal pricing policy. Such measures will be enough to consolidate the achieved result and continue to increase the position of the website monthly.

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