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Every year the battle for the clients becomes more and more organized and entrepreneurial. With the development of digital marketing, the promotion of online shops just 10% is an idea and product line and 90% is cooperation with search engines, advertisement, a mobile version of the site. The quality of services, experience of specialists and used tools, all these have a great influence. These define whether your site reaches TOP or continue being an average one. Because there is no difference, Google and Yandex they treat each site equally. And it is SEO who decides the place of your site in the world market.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


The price of eCommerce shop promotion

from $ 250

Promotion of online shops passes in two stages: onsite optimization and off-site. Their cost differs due to various specifics of works and is defined after a complex audit. The cost of promotion of online shops depends on many factors: the number of commercial pages, specifics of business, the competition, the region, technical condition of the website at the time of the begging of the work.

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guaranteed result

The results of eCommerce shop promotion in two months

  • Increasing of targeted traffic by 3 times

    Customers motivated to purchase will come from search engines

  • Improving the structure of the online shop

    Improve the loylity of search engines and usability of the site

  • Increasing in sales and growing of average spent

    Installation of digital tools for cross-selling and motivation of demand

  • Improving of brand loyalty

    Promotion of online shop leads to popularity among community

  • Expanding the territory of sales

    We adjust the work of a shop on target regions, increasing client outreach

  • Attraction of clients will fall in cost

    With increasing organic traffic your spending on marketing services will go down

What is included?

What stages are included into SEO promotion of the eCommerce site?

  • 1 Complex analysis of a site: analysis of technical components, SEO, usability, marketing data, competitors, link weight, and content. We give recommendations for improving the quality of online shop, work out technical task for specialists and develop strategies of promotion.
  • 2 Compilation of semantic core. To create the main SEO tool we use the best services and methods. The success of the company depends on the quality of semantic core. The key queries are collected for every landing page and used during the process of optimization.
  • 3 Installation of analytics and statistics services.. To track the state of the project, its growth, and understanding of internal and external factors the key services must be set up correctly. The most of the services are available for the clients and allow to check the changes in the project without the help of somebody.
  • 4 Work with the structure . The loyalty of search engines and usability of your catalog to users depends on logicality of the creation of sections and internal pages. Thanks to a semantic core and the complex analysis is created the optimum structure which meets requirements of Google and Yandex and modern users.
  • 5 Optimization of content . Information filling of pages influences promotion of the website of a shop on average for 50%. Content is analyzed on uniqueness, existence of keywords, their density on the page, logicality, and literacy of statement of information. The technical tasks for copywriters on writing of relevant content are created.
  • 6 Work with a link building . The quality, quantity, and regularity of filling of the list of backlinks on the website of online store define his success in search results. Besides the growth of positions, improvement of all key indicators of profitability, backlinks create additional channels of transitions to the website of the target audience.
  • 7 Management of reputation on the Internet . We work on the creation of a necessary impression on potential buyers. Communication with users and at forums, thematic platforms are supported and also crowd-marketing is included.

Order promotion of online shop

To get the expected results from SEO optimization of online shop you should work on promotion constantly. It doesn't mean that every month you will spend a huge sum from the budget. Complex audits are held each half a year, and full internal optimization can be repeated two years later after SEO started. The main work is external optimization of online store, where exists the flexible system of formation of the budget and loyal price policy. Such measures will be enough to keep the achieved result and to continue to increase resource positions monthly.


Frequently asked questions

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    When I will see the first results?

    Onsite optimization of shop takes 2-4 weeks on average. Everything depends on the number of pages, a condition of the website, number of completions, the speed of response of the customer to questions and wishes of a team of optimizers. In a week after the end of onsite optimization of online shop the positive result will be already visible. And also it will be possible to predict further growth more precisely.
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    What are guarantees?

    If in two weeks after onsite optimization of the website there is no result – we will return money.
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    In which search engines do you promote projects?

    Google and Yandex. Google is the main search engine in Ukraine and the countries of Europe, America. Yandex is the competitor of Google in Russia and the CIS countries. Depending on goals, the region of promotion, we chose the search engine. Complex optimization under Yandex and Google at the same time is possible.
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    How much the complex promotion of online shop in Google and Yandex cost?

    The price of promotion of online shop under two search engines at once isn't much higher than to choose only Google or Yandex. As the requirements of two search engines approximately have identical factors, many tasks coincide. You will need to pay for extra time for tasks which are characteristic to the specific search engine. For example, it is necessary to collect a semantic core both for Google and for Yandex. For more details read the article: How much for SEO
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    How many months will take the promotion

    It is necessary almost a year to obtain positions, traffic, success. And they promptly fall if to stop promotion. The longer the website is under optimization, the cheaper is further SEO.