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why the website age is important

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What is the age of the site?

A young site is a domain whose age is less than six months. It was not promoted before, there are no backlinks to it, and few people know about it. The age of a website for search engines is the accumulated history of its presence on the Internet. The age of a site is not an irresistible factor in promotion.

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Work with a young site

There is a lot of work on SEO promoting a young project. Every little thing is taken into account, and a lot of analytics is carried out.To draw up a complete work plan for optimizing young sites, you must fill out a brief or leave a request for communication with the PM.

the price of promoting a young site

from $300

You need to understand that promotion of a young site will give its truly worthwhile results only six months or a year after the launching of the web pages. And it is not a matter of lazy programmers, bad copywriters, or SEO-specialists.
The fact is that search engines will reckon with the site after the first work on optimizing and promoting a young site. And in half a year it will be completely trusted.
Effective search engine optimization of a new site is possible only when you go to professionals, do not forget this.

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optimization results of young websites

stages of promotion of young website

You get a quality and professional approach

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Deep competitor analysis

Identification of strengths and weaknesses.

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SEO - increasing the confidence of search engines to the site

Placement of PR articles on thematic web pages, work with the reputation of your site on the Internet (SERM), communication on forums with the target audience, etc. In a word, an acquaintance of your potential customers with the existence of your site on the Internet.

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Internal work with the site and its contents

Internal factors in search engine promotion.

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Support in promotion throughout the year

We pay great attention to the following points: comprehensive internal website optimization, content filling, external promotion, and marketing.

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