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What is the use?

The benefits

Deep internal optimization involves a whole range of activities carried out systematically. They include improving the structure, content and other components.
And while organic traffic remains the main source of increasing website traffic, high-quality internal SEO optimization will be the key to your company’s success in the Internet space.
The team of web-studio Bonum professionally optimizes the work of the site of any complexity and at any stage of its existence.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


How much does on-site optimization cost?

Internal search engine optimization is a modern technology that allows you to bring your business to a new level. The first results can be observed already two weeks after the start of work. All steps are carried out according to the approved by the customer plan with a monthly report.
The price for each project is calculated individually, taking into account the peculiarities of your niche and the total amount of work.
Our company has helped dozens of customers. Their profits increased by 30% and more, leaving behind their closest competitors. So what are you waiting for? Call us!

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Guaranteed Result

Competent on-site SEO optimization gives the following advantages:

  • Improvement of the positions

    For targeted requests in Google, Yandex and other search engines your project will rise to the TOP

  • Expansion of the customer base

    The impact only on the target audience, the growth of trust and prestige of the company

  • Increase of profit

    The dynamics of organic traffic inevitably leads to an increase in sales, and hence profits

  • Selective promotion

    Possibility of targeted promotion of a single page or product to top positions

  • Continuous monitoring

    Analysis of traffic growth, the dynamics of resource positions in search engines

  • Savings on advertising

    Contextual advertising will definitely cost more than internal SEO-promotion

What is included in on-site optimization?

  • 1 Operations with keywords. The first and most important stage is collecting a semantic core. The SEO-specialist selects the keywords for further promotion of the resource. Composes the map of a resource. Each page has to be indexed in search engines. For this purpose, the map includes references to all pages.
  • 5 Content. Writing unique texts for keywords, informative, useful, reliable, clearly structured. Texts corresponding to these parameters are highly rated and ranked by search engines.
  • 2 Internal relinking (or interlinking). ICreating a structure of cross (contextual) links within the site itself has a positive effect on its ranking since it redistributes the weight of pages being promoted.
  • 3 Cross-browser and adaptive layout.High download speed and quality of the site display in different browsers and from different sources is an important indicator of optimal resource performance.
  • 4 Work with meta-tagsTitle must be unique, readable and contain a keyword. This is a business card site for search engines. Description is used to compile a snippet that affects the click-through rate of the site (CTR) in the issuance of pages.
  • 6 Usability Optimization. Site navigation is simplified as much as possible. A unified structure for the entire resource is created, the principles of navigation are organized.

Order on-site optimization of the pages

On-site optimization of the website doesn't go correctly without work with URL, and writing files for robots. As you can see – there is a lot of work. To get the top of search without a lot of problems it is better to order the site promotion with true professionals.