The complex promotion on a turnkey basis

There are three reasons: cheaper, effectively, reliable

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What are the benefits?

The complex of services is cheaper and more efficient. A comprehensive promotion, offered by many studios on the Internet, is not limited to internal and external optimization. To achieve business goals on the Internet it’s necessary to develop all the ways to attract customers, build a positive reputation, and improve the business in whole (SEO, PPC (contextual advertising), SMM (promotion in social networks), crowd marketing, advertising in social networks and so on).

Before doing a comprehensive website promotion, the company’s specialists will make a full audit to assess the effectiveness and prioritize the need for each channel of sales attraction. After that, a report and a promotion strategy are compiled for each of the channels. In the complex, all activities will enhance each other’s efficiency, creating a cohesive chain of constant growth and increasing all relevant business indicators.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


The price for the complex website promotion

from $300

Why should you pay for SMM if this channel is not suitable for your business? Therefore, the price of the services is unsettled and is given to the customer after the initial audit, when assessing the goals, the current conditions of the site, the target region and competitors. The cost depends not only on the traffic channels but also by their configuration, maintenance, and systematic analysis.

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What is the result?

Who needs this service?

  • Online shops

    Small, medium, large - with goods of middle and premium class

  • Internet data portals

    Comprehensive website promotion - the ability to receive more traffic at lower cost

  • Corporate sites

    Involve b2b clients will become easier - your reputation on the web will start working for you

  • Tour companies

    Get in touch with your clients and inspire them for new travels

  • Sites with online services

    Any services and offers provided online will get a huge plus with a complex approach

  • Online education

    Guaranteed growth of traffic and orders of lectures/courses/webinars for target regions

What is included into a complex promotion: optimization in 5 steps

  • 1 Comprehensive audit. Marketing audit, analysis of competitors and the market, technical, SEO and usability audits. The received data are necessary for the working out of the effective strategy. At this stage, we define the additional tools to empower SEO and get better results.
  • 2 Making the necessary corrections. After carrying out the complex analysis, we give some time for making corrections to improve indexing and positions. The client may involve his specialist or it can be done by our expert.
  • 3 A complex preparation. As soon as all is agreed, we start internal optimization, set up groups in social networks, prepare contextual advertising, select suitable resources for crowds, etc.
  • 4 Setting up the systems of metrics and analytics. To monitor the performance of all channels, the appropriate metrics are configured. This is done for search promotion, social networks, and contextual advertising.
  • 5 Analysis and preparation of a report. During the whole period of cooperation, we provide detailed reports on the work done and results for a certain period. It displays the actual indicators, such as a number of visitors, conversion, key positions, behavioral factors, etc.

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