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why do you need a complex audit

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You will receive all the information about the website.

At all stages of the site’s work, the audit is a key factor in assessing the state of components and is also used as a prevention of promotion problems. Based on the results of the analysis, you will receive a report with specific and practical recommendations for optimizing your project for search engines and visitors.

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Remove excess weight and get customers.

Specialists analyze technical aspects, usability, content, a link profile, internal and external factors affecting search engine ranking. A full audit of the site can be called the first step to a successful online business. With it, you will quickly identify the "anchors" that pull your site to the "bottom" of the SERP and thereby hamper the development of the whole thing.

price of the complex analysis

from $200

The full site audit is a quite complex resource-intensive process with a lot of peculiarities. The cost is affected by such factors: the number of pages, the specifics of the niche, the timing of implementation, the involvement of additional services, and metrics. We discuss this question directly with the customer: depending on the purpose of the analysis, a strategy will be built and the price of services individually calculated.

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the results of the complex analysis

what is included into the complex analysis

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Technical audit

Search for problems on the technical part of the project. Timely diagnosis and removal of shortcomings in the programming part of the website improve the quality of the pages and the speed of promotion in the search engines. It checks the speed of loading pages, broken links, etc.

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Search audit

At this stage we detect the factors that have a negative effect on optimization we analyze the content (texts, images, video) and its structure for relevance and uniqueness.

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Analysis of links weight

The analysis allows for evaluating the quality and quantity of the link profile. This element of external optimization plays an essential role in promotion.

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Analysis of competitors

We carefully evaluate all the major and successful players in your niche to adopt the best techniques and avoid their mistakes.

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Usability audit

Many entrepreneurs invest in the brand but completely forget about the convenience of their website for visitors. The usability report describes all the recommendations for placing content and interface elements in a specific way to raise sales.

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Can I order just an analysis of the site without promotion?
We offer the complex audit as a separate service, so you are free to order it in a complex or not.
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What search engines are taken for an audit?
It depends on different factors, for example, the domain, the target audience, etc. We work mostly with Google and Yandex. Sometimes it's reasonable to take Bing. So, in Bonum, we take into account a lot of factors for the analysis of the search engine.
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How much time does it take to complete the complex audit?
It takes 2 days on average. It depends on the volume of the data and the type of the site.
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How often should I do a complex analysis of my site?
In SEO, changes occur very quickly, so to know about the current problems of optimizing your website, we recommend to do it annually.

when do you need a complex audit

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Time for audit

Are you not comfortable with the site's effectiveness? Promoted brand, catchy logo, stylish design, comprehensive information about the product, but sales fall, site traffic leaves much to desire, and its rating in search engines, as they say, is worse than any expectations. Then it's time to sound the alarm and urgently conduct a comprehensive audit of your resource. As a result, you will find out the reasons for the inefficient operation of the site and get specific advice on “saving a sinking ship”.

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It's now

Elimination of errors and remarks revealed by a comprehensive audit will help your site to occupy higher positions in search results and increase its conversion. Our experts will show you the weaknesses in the functionality and architecture of the site, identify shortcomings in the content's subject and design, suggest more successful design solutions, and develop a system of measures for the external optimization of your project. The implementation of our recommendations will help bring your site to the top positions of search engines, attract new customers, significantly increase traffic in the shortest time.

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