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Complex analysis of the site is your manual for sales increasing

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Free SEO audit of the main page
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What is the use?

Why do you need the complex audit?

The site audit is a key factor for evaluation of the SEO components at all stages of promotion. Moreover, the audit is an indicator which helps to prevent issues appearing. Following the results of the analysis, you receive the report with concrete and practical recommendations about optimization of the project for search engines and visitors. Experts analyze the technical aspects, usability (convenience of use), content, reference profile, the internal and external factors influencing the search results.
The complex site audit could be called the first step to a successful business on the Internet. With its help, you will reveal the "anchors" which pull your website down to the "bottom" and with that slow the development of the business.

Продвижение интернет-магазина Продвижение интернет-магазина


The price for the complex analysis

from $100

The full site audit is a quite complex resource-intensive process with a lot of peculiarities. The cost is affected by such factors: the number of pages, the specifics of the niche, the timing of implementation, the involving of additional services and metrics. The cost is discussed directly with the customer: depending on the purpose of the analysis, a strategy will be built and the price of services individually calculated.

To find out the price of complex analysis of your site - leave the application and within 24 hours we will provide all the information.

guaranteed result

The results of the complex analysis

  • Clear algorithm of success

    You get a detailed report with clear recommendations for project optimization

  • Improving efficiency

    It is faster and easier to determine the focus of the work, as it becomes clear which actions are useless

  • Money saving

    The report will show which aspects is the most profitable

  • Ease of use

    Recommendations for improving the interaction with users - even more convenient for customers

  • Prevention of errors

    Systematic audit reveals problems before they affect positions

  • Improvement of positions

    Implementing recommendations will improve positions, attract targeted traffic, reduce failures

What is included?

What is included into the complex analysis of the site?

  • 1 Technical audit. Search for problems on the technical part of the project. Timely diagnosis and removal of shortcomings in the programming part of the website improve the quality of the resource and the speed of promotion in the search engines. It checks the speed of loading pages, broken links, etc.
  • 2 Search audit. A direct search for factors that adversely affect the ranking or indexing of the site. At this stage, we analyze the content (texts, images, video) and its structure for relevance and uniqueness. As often appears the past contractors used black methods of promotion.
  • 3 Analysis of weight mass. This refers to the off-site optimization and concerns backlinks to the target resource. For search engines, it is very important not only the number of links to your site but also their quality. At this stage, we estimate the entire reference mass.
  • 4 Analysis of competitors. We carefully evaluate all the main and successful players in your niche in order to adopt the best techniques and avoid their mistakes.
  • 5 Usability audit. Many entrepreneurs invest in the brand but completely forget about the convenience of their site for visitors. The usability report describes all the recommendations for placing content and interface elements in a specific way to raise sales.

Get a complex audit of the site

In our studio, only one SEO-specialist makes the complex audit for your site. We do not seek to attract employees from different IT areas to this work, since this task, like no other, requires competent comprehensive analysis. The work of the team can be faster, but there is a risk of missing important factors that influence further progress. An experienced SEO will be able to understand and give recommendations if something is wrong with a code, content, semantic core, link profile, etc. from different sides. If you feel stagnant in sales, do not wait and check whether you are heading in the right direction. The comprehensive site audit is an obligatory regular procedure for all successful online stores.


Frequently asked questions

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    Can I order just an analysis of the site without promotion?

    We offer the complex audit as a separate service, so you are free to order it in a complex or no.
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    What search engines are taken for an audit?

    It depends on different factors. For example the domain, the target audience etc. We are oriented on Google and Yandex. Sometimes it's reasonable to take Bing. So, in Bonum, we take into account a lot of factors for analysis of search engine.
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    How many time it takes to complete the complex audit?

    It takes 2 days on average. It depends on the volume of the data and type of the site.
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    How often should I do a complex analysis of my site?Как часто следует проводить комплексный аудит?

    In the world of SEO changes occur very quickly, so to know about the current problems of optimizing your resource, this event is recommended to be held annually.