The analysis of competitors

To outperform the competitors you need to know all about them

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Why do you need it

Why do you need to analyse the sites of competitors?

The final aim of the analysis of the competitors’ site is understanding the way of a significant increase in sales. During the audit, the strengths and weaknesses of competitive websites will be found, and the techniques of their effective strategies extracted.

The result of SEO analysis is a detailed report with practical instructions for improving all essential indicators. The use of the best-found techniques in the niche, as well as powerful techniques that no one before you have used, is a key that will help to bring the sales to a new level.

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The price for SEO audit of competitors

Analysis of competitors' sites is an obligatory measure before the beginning of SEO-promotion. This is a kind of "over-the-hill reconnaissance" in order to find out what methods the competitors use, what strategies they follow, how effective they are. Also during the analysis, we check backlinks on the competitor's site, keywords, anchors, content, and website structure.

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Guaranteed result

The SEO results of competitors' analysis

  • Mare orders and an increase in sales

    Involving the best methods of competitors we will get significant traffic growth

  • Improving work effectiveness

    You avoid the mistakes of your competitors and invest time and money in result

  • Guide for business growth

    You have instructions for the business development and improving all indicators

  • New marketing ideas

    In addition to recommendations for promoting the site, we will offer many ideas for increasing sales

  • Personal marketing strategy

    An individual strategy based on proven method is developed for you

  • Saving resources

    You do not spend money and time on non-working methods and advertising, which did not help competitors

What is included

What are the components of competitors analysis?

  • 1 Setting goals and identifying critical areas. After a complex analysis of your website and product niche, we will find weaknesses. Proceeding from them we define the goals: where it is necessary to repeat the techniques of competitors, which is not necessary and what new methods can be used to enhance the results.
  • 2 Determination of competitors. It is very important to find direct competitors, for this, the analysis is carried out for different groups of search queries, using analytical software tools. The main criteria - the number of common key phrases, region, amount of visitors.
  • 3 On-site and off-site analysis of competitors.Analyzing the competitors with the largest traffic, we find the reasons for the demand. We study the structure of sites, we search for a difference in assortment, content, meta-information, we determine the reference mass of competitors.
  • 4 Analysis of the strategies and methods. Based on a huge volume of data, we describe the effective methods and strategies of your niche's best players, their strengths, and weaknesses, technical aspects that affect conversion (download speed, usability, etc.).
  • 5 Structuring and analysis of the received data. The last and rather difficult, but important, the stage is the final report with up-to-date instructions and recommendations for optimizing the site and improving the main business indicators.

Order the analysis of competitiors

Analysis of competitors is an incredibly powerful tool for effective SEO-promotion and sales increase. Following all the recommendations to your Internet resource, the results will be fast to arrive.


Frequently asked questions

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    How long does the analysis of competitors take?

    From 6 hours to 2 days: everything depends on the market, region, and amount of pages on the site.
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    May I order just the SEO analysis of competitors or it's a part of a complex promotion?

    It is possible separately, together with promotion or with other kinds of the site analysis.
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    For which search engines the competitors are analyzed?

    For Google and Yandex. Almost the entire population of the CIS countries use these systems.
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    How to use the received information?

    Our specialists can immediately start working on the implementation of all recommendations. Or you may give information to your specialist who is currently engaged in promoting and technical support of your site.