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Check out our project development pricing. We can combine some offers, or consider unique development options. The final price we form only after a detailed discussion of the project.

  • 00 01 / 06
    Landing page
    This is a one-page site that promotes a specific offer (product, service), interests in the product, provides trust factors, works with objections and as a result causes a desire to leave a request or buy
    from $ 3 000
  • 00 02 / 06
    Corporate sites
    This is a company presentation on the Internet. The main function is to attract new customers, promote the company in the market of goods or services
    from $ 5 000
  • 00 03 / 06
    CRM systems
    This is a system of customer interaction and workflow automation. Its goal to increase sales and improve customer service.
    from $ 30 000
  • 00 04 / 06
    Online stores
    A platform where you can place any goods for sale on the Internet
    from $ 10 000
  • 00 05 / 06
    Mobile applications
    This is an independent program for iOS or Android that allows you to solve special business problems.
    from $ 3 000
  • 00 06 / 06
    Integrated Solutions
    These are portals and services that cover all aspects of website development, from SEO promotion to integrating your website with a CRM system
    from $ 50 000
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