Targeted advertising

Targeting setting in social networks: personalized advertising with 100% reaching the target audience.You might think that people do nothing except of scrolling the endless feed of news on social media. But people there also order food, choose travel, make an appointment on the procedures, sometimes look for suppliers for their own business, look for reviews at a property or cars, get advices and buying, buying, buying...
Your clients are definitely here. And targeted advertising social networks can become another stable source of customers for your online business.

How does the targeting advertising
look like on the social networks?

Common to all the users, advertising placement in the feed of news
Your 15 seconds in stories
brief reminder in the massenge
Full-length clip in the videotape:
Retargeting tools that allow you to re-interact with your customers and “catch up” those who have not yet made a purchase.
There are still a lot of different tools that will help you get the most coveted match of the future customer.
The websites we work with
  • instagram-platform
  • meta-platform
  • tik-tok-platform
  • in-platform

Advertisement targeted by Bonum

To think like a customer
We understand your projectʼs niche and specifics. We are building the strategy like we are the owners of the business.
Furthermore, we speak a language understandable to the client, prepare simple and transparent reports, explain each term and ready to answer to all the questions.
Small details are really matter
To achieve this, we have an agreed timeline and a three-months work plan, checklist and a system for the work of the entire team.

How will the targeted advertising be set up?

01 / 05
Briefing / Debriefing
We ask you questions about the project, it will help us to come to a common understanding of the promotion strategy, to understand the specifics of the project and business, to take into account all the details and to make the price.
02 / 05
Preliminary works
We will fully prepare all the pages and advertising account for launch: from technical moments to content analysis on social networks or on the site.
03 / 05
Creation of the lay-out
We will draw up turnkey advertising models all give to your designer all the necessary recommendations.
04 / 05
Control and Optimization
We will do everything to adjust the target to bring the maximum result from the proposed budget, conduct tests and daily analyze advertising campaigns.
05 / 05
Clear reporting
Provide complete reports and a work plan in a clear language, without water and complex terms

Tariffs for targeted advertising
in social networks

The minimal cost of configuration targeted advertisement in social networks
 -  360$ *
*  After completing the brief, we calculate how much it will cost to set up the target specifically for your goals, so we set a budget for the month. The total amount firstly depends on the aims and objectives of the advertising campaign for your business, as well as the technical nuances of personalization.соц мережах.
Our clientʼs successes
Bakery enterprise
  • 01
    Attracted 60 dealers
    to sell croissants.
Aleksandr Sann
Aleksandr Sann
Food delivery site
  • 01
    Customer cost $0.37.
  • 02
    Advertising costs are 1.5 times lower than in the market
  • 03
    Each hryvnia invested in advertising brought 86.7 hryvnias of profit
  • 04
    During the cooperation, two new restaurants were opened
Online underwear store
  • 01
    Increased the number of subscribers in their Instagram account by
    10,000 in 2 months.
  • 02
    More than 50 product shipments per day
  • 03
    The average check was increased by UAH 500
Poshta ua
Poshta ua
Postal service
  • 01
    In 21 days, 11 million 600 thousand learned about "POSHTA UA"
Online store of yarn
  • 01
    Attracted (...) wholesale clients from Ukraine and (...) wholesale clients from Moldova
Window factory
  • 01
    We received
    50 applications from dealers in the new region
Application for services

    About the tasks of the project.
    Development & design for Landing Page, the corporate sites, eCommerce
    Digital-marketing SEO-promotion in Google
    Select this item if you are not yet sure what you need
    Question – Answer
    01 / 03
    How much does it cost to set up the targeted advertising?
    The cost directly depends on the aims and objectives of the advertising campaign, its structure, the amount of creatives and other technical nuances. Starting price – $360
    02 / 03
    What is included in the targeting and set up?
    • Audit of advertising sites and office;
    • Technical configuration of account;
    • Binding of the pages and the analytics tools;
    • Development of advertising campaign structure, timeline and the work plan;
    • Establishment of creative works;
    • Testing of hypotheses;
    • Analysis of results;
    • Planning the further work.
    03 / 03
    How to launch the target independently?
    Obviously, you can use the button “promote” and run the advertisement on your own from the phone. But we recommend you to contact Bonum for the services of an experienced target analyst.

    How target advertising works?

    The modern digital marketing is impossible without targeting customization services. It significantly raises brand recognition and income.Targeted social media advertising is adjusted to take into account the characteristics of target audience. In such a way you can show advertising to the whole world, in certain country, dotted to reach millions of users. Selling products or providing services in the capital via Facebook and Instagram – that means competing with an incredible number of competitors.

    To set target, advertiser needs:

    • choose the demographics, behaviors and interests of the target audience;
    • allocate the budget according to the auction;
    • set the time of the advertisements;
    • establish creative models;
    • launch retargeting;
    • analyze reports and optimize campaigns.

    Every step takes a long time for those who are themselves well-informedin the launch. The process will be accelerated by ordering targeted advertising from those who provide these services on a professional basis. Digital agency Bonum offers full-fledged promotion campaign in social networks. To order targeted advertising from us – means to attract for development of detailed strategy people with colossal experience: specialists on target, designers and copywriters.

    Ordering services in Kyiv presupposes the correct adjustment of announcements for B&B and B&C business, taking into account the needs of the customer.

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