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The development of information technology, the widespread transfer of business to online space, not a single sane person has a shadow of doubt about the need to maintain their own web resource. But it’s important to remember that just ordering a turnkey website does not mean succeeding in business: it must work efficiently, attract customers, advertise services, provide complete and comprehensive information.

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From scratch

Creating a site from scratch includes a deep analysis of the niche in which your business is located, studying the target audience and main competitors. Based on the data received and in accordance with the wishes of the customer, a project and a resource design, its programming and further promotion are developed. Need a turnkey internet site? Contact Bonum Web Studio.

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The cost of a new website is formed based on many factors: the purpose of the resource, its volume, the complexity of the design. The creation of the turnkey website is the only right decision. At a reasonable cost, you get the highly original and functional resource that meets all your wishes and requirements of the modern market.

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While you think why you need a website, competitors are already making money on the Internet. Order development and increase profits online!
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What will I get in a result?
Production of turnkey websites assumes such stages: the developed project, according to the wishes of the customer, its programming, design and further promotion.
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Does the website development from scratch include content creation?
Of course, all the pages will be filled with unique relevant content.
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Will we be able to update the site ourselves or should the specialists do this?
The choice is yours. Generally speaking, our websites allow changing content easily and don't require special skills. But if for any reason, you cannot ensure the qualitative filling of your resource, we will take on the further maintenance of your resource.
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What additional services can I order?
Of course, even the most successful project, in terms of functionality and design, will not bring customers without the right content and SEO promotion. Our company offers a comprehensive support of web resource: updates, promotions, and other necessary activities.
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Does the price for building a site include consultations of resource management specialists?
Of course, quality advice from our best experts will help you find a way out of any situation. If necessary, we will provide you with an express training to work with your web resource.
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What the time of the website development depend on?
The timing of creating a web resource depends, first of all, on the level of its complexity: the more functions it has, the more difficult its execution and, accordingly, the more time it takes to develop. It also depends a lot on the customer: the more clearly the tasks are formulated, the easier is their implementation.

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We do not offer template solutions. A turnkey website developed by our experts will present your company in the best possible way. We are interested in long-term cooperation, therefore we approach each project with all responsibility and creativity.

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You can order any turnkey website with us: the Bonum team creates only a high-quality effective product.

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