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A turnkey business card website will present your company on the Internet in the most favorable light. High-quality, non-standard design, thoughtful structure, relevant concise content will create an attractive image of your business in the Internet space.

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Professional production of a business card site by a team of Bonum web studio professionals will give you a multi-functional compact resource that actively develops the potential of your enterprise.

price of Promo site development

From 3000$

The cost of a promo site in comparison with other types of website is quite democratic, due to the relatively short time spent on its production. The price depends on the number of pages and the complexity of additional functional modules.

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While you think why you need a website, competitors are already making money on the Internet. Order development and increase profits online!
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How long does it take to develop a promo site?
In order to create a quality online promo site, we need 1-2 weeks. The exact dates depend on the additional functionality and the effectiveness of our interaction with you.
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What are the advantages of a promo site over other web resources?
The low price of a business card website, a speed of development, simplicity of structure, loading speed and other advantages, already determined by the quality of the work.
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Is it possible to change the functionality of the promo site in the future?
Of course, this resource is an excellent basis for a future corporate website or online store.
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Why is there no fixed price for website creation services?
The cost of developing sites of any kind cannot be fixed, since this is a creative process and depends on many different factors, primarily on the wishes and imagination of the customer.
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Which is better: order a business card site or make it yourself?
Of course, if you have sufficient knowledge, skills, and time, you can develop a resource yourself. But if you are an amateur and decided to simply save money, it is unlikely that you will be able to create a quality product and act simultaneously as a programmer, designer, and copywriter. Therefore, it makes more sense to order a website in a web-studio.
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Do you need special training for the person who will be a manager of the site?
We develop websites based on a simple and accessible content management system (CMS), so any of your employees who have sufficient user skills will be able to update and edit information.
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