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the benefits of landing page

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The call

Creating a landing page involves attracting the target audience and a call to action. Bright effective design, informative text content, the most convenient structure of the site motivates the visitor to a specific action: call, order, buy.

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From scratch

High-quality development of a turnkey landing page will provide you with a powerful business tool in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price. Ordering a landing page made by real professionals will meet all your expectations.

the price of landing page

from 3000$

The price of development of a landing page on a turnkey basis is slightly lower than all other web resources and depends on such major factors::

  • Design originality
  • Specifications of the market segment, product competitiveness
  • The level of complexity of the structure (map) of the site

Order an effective landing page as this is an easy and inexpensive way to increase sales at an affordable and reasonable cost.

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While you think why you need a website, competitors are already making money on the Internet. Order development and increase profits online!
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How long does the development of landing page take?
The landing page creation takes on average 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and structure of the site.
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Do you use templates for a design?
Bonum Studio offers the customers only original design on every project. We discuss the details and agree on the concept with the customer.
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Can I order a landing page using a mobile version?
Nowadays, a mobile version is one of the main requirements for the websites. That's why we create websites already optimized for mobile devices.
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Do you provide site warranty service?
During the first month after launching, we will fix any problems in the work of your site for free.
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Is it possible to replace a website with a landing page?
It depends on your plans and the specifics of the market segment of your business: if you have a low-competitive, narrowly-specific product, it may be enough for you to have one page.
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What elements can positively affect the ranking of the selling page?
First of all, it is the usability of the site, attractive design, and high-quality content - nothing excessive, only the things that matter.

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