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What is the use?

The benefits

We offer our customers the creation of an online shop that meets all modern requirements, which not only attracts visitors but is guaranteed to turn them into buyers.
Ordering an online shop in the Bonum web studio means getting a stable and fast working resource, its full support, and security for 60 days. The quality of our work is confirmed by the effective work of the projects we have created. Our clients from the CIS countries, Europe and the USA received a successful selling platform, unlimited opportunities for expanding the range of commodities, round-the-clock customer access, a constant increase in sales and, accordingly, steady profit growth.
Customers in our online shops feel confident and comfortable, which means they return there again and again.

Stages of development


Setting goals

Creating an online shop is a joint work of the customer and the developer, its result depends on the accuracy of the tasks.

Creating a unique design

The secret of success in the harmonious combination of the design and usability of the site, in using of innovative solutions


The most up-to-date solutions are implemented for fast and correct site operation in all browsers and on all devices.

Testing and launching

The online shop is thoroughly tested for errors in the program, source code or design, after their elimination is placed on the server.

Content writing

Detailed information about the product, its properties and cost, information about the delivery and methods of payment - the key to successful work of the project.

Analytics setting

We create a structure to control the visit, the source of traffic, the effectiveness of advertising channels.



From 3000$

The development of an online shop is one of the most complex and resource-intensive projects. Accordingly, the cost of online sites that sale will be much higher than, for example, a business card site. The real market prices for creating an online shop site vary in a fairly wide range. Such a price gap exists due to the diametrically opposite approaches of the developers to the task.
The cheapest cost has resources made on the templates or website builders, which flooded the Internet. However, the result will be equal to the costs - a primitive template site.
In order to create an online shop with an individual design, competent usability, with content that fully corresponds to your product and your target audience, you need to address to professionals. Quality online eCommerce platform is based on a comprehensive analysis of the market. Yes, the price of such a resource will turn out to be much higher, but the result will exceed your expectations completely. After all, the turnkey online shop is created by a whole team of specialists: designers, programmers, marketing specialists.

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Website development online shop - it is necessary, but only the first step to the top of your success in online sales. In order to attract potential buyers, to encourage current customers to make more and more new purchases, it is necessary to think out and strictly follow a clear marketing strategy. To make an online shop is half the battle to secure success, it would be nice to order its high-quality SEO promotion.



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    Do you provide services of promotion for created shops?

    Of course, the web studio Bonum is engaged in successful SEO-promotion of its projects (and not only). Nevertheless, the service of website promotion in search engines is not included in the cost of creating a resource.
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    What aspects affect the cost of an online shop?

    The cost of such a project consists of the cost of time spent on its development by all team members. The amount of time depends on the number of pages of the site, the complexity of its individual design, a set of functional features.
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    How does an online shop differ from other sites?

    In essence, this is a business site, but since its main goal is sales, all of its components are aimed primarily at increasing sales: design, structure, functionality, content - all to the last detail.
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    Do you create a mobile version of an online shop?

    Yes of course. According to marketing experts, visitors use mobile devices rather than desktop PCs. A high-quality mobile version is provided by our company in developing any kind of sites.