What is the link equity and why do you need to build it


External optimization of any web resource involves building the link equity (a.k.a. link juice). Backlinks to your website give it relevance in rankings by search engines. Meanwhile, it is very important to have a natural link profile.

Search engines rank the website popularity by links. It is getting done like this: if a large number of websites refer to the particular website, then to a larger extent, other authoritative sites influence the result. This means that the site is popular.

What is the link equity and why do you need to build it

The same is with the internal articles of the site. When you internally relink the site, you should clearly realize that the article referred by the large number of other articles is more prioritized and important from the perspective of the search engine.

After all, if all links to your site are considered by search engines as commercial ones (i.e. purchased), the effect of this will be directly opposite to the expected one – from a drop in ratings to getting filtered.

That is why to make the link profile of your web resource look natural (or at least to seem like one), it is recommended to build it:

  1. Wisely. Link building of the site should be carried out on the principle “Less is more”. That is, you should not run after the big numbers. More importantly is to take care of the link quality referring to you. A natural link profile, consisting of ten links or so, will benefit you more, than a hundred of cheap ones received from the exchange blacklists.
  2. Smoothly. You can build the link equity very quickly, but as previously mentioned, this will lead to bad consequences. That is why you should start doing it smoothly, no rush. For starters will work a few daily natural links on forums, in reviews or comments on various authoritative resources.
  3. Little by little. After that you can move to creating more significant amount of links, but it is important that they are stable. You should not necessarily use the paid links only. A natural link profile must have free links as well. To do so, it would be great to sign up for numerous website catalogs provided they are authoritative.
  4. Consistently. Link building of the site should be carried out on a regular basis, no pauses or breaks. If you decide to purchase 10 links a day, then you will have to do this for 2-4 months until you reach the desired top-rankings in search engine results. The slightest break for a couple of days will immediately question the legality of your promotion techniques.
  5. Creatively. Think on how to build the link equity of the site in such a way that there would be diversity at the same time. For instance, if you got carried away with purchasing backlinks to your site on several exchanges, try to dilute the natural link profile with links to your site posted in comments on articles on competitors’ websites.

Sure thing there is a high risk that they will not be moderated and will be deleted. But if you politely ask to post a link to their article on your site (and at this point you leave the URL of your web resource), it may work out well and you will get a high quality link absolutely for free.

What is the link equity and why do you need to build it

What are the right ways of building links to your website?

There are a few more general recommendations relevant to this topic that will help to make the link profile of your web resource to be more natural and effective.

First of all, you should post links only on topical resources containing useful and interesting content. This will increase the probability that a user will click on them to visit your website. That is why it is recommended to use the link aggregators as little as possible and try to manage the list of resources leading to your site on your own.

Secondly, you should keep an eye on scams that your competitors pull off. Some of them can use tactics of posting low quality links leading to your site. Thus, you may not even be aware of their existence and eventually end up getting filtered.

Thirdly, a natural link profile should at least meet the following:

  • the availability of various anchor texts;
  • the availability of many resources;
  • external and internal links to your website;
  • links to pages that are not being promoted.

If you take into account all of the above recommendations, you are very likely to be able to build the link equity of the website in such a way that the search engines will start to improve its ranking consistently. After some time this should lead to showing your web resource on the top of search-engine results.

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