What is SEO?


With the invention of the Internet, entrepreneurs were looking for opportunities to get into search listings and advertisements on different websites to attract customers. Only in 1997 when Google was founded, searching online became more structured.

Since then, the first ideas of SEO have started to emerge. Search engine optimization allows you to get to the top of Google and Yandex search results by keywords. It all seems clear, but let’s go a little bit into details.

For instance, there is a teapot store. And it is already a top search for “teapot store”. But you want to make this store a top search result for “teapot buy”.

What is SEO?

The same website can be ranked differently by various search queries. So, it can either be a search result #1 or not even be displayed on the second results page. And to get the website to the top by each query, one has to do a lot of work called SEO. Long story short, SEO is a set of measures aimed at ensuring that the website appears in the top results by targeted queries. It helps search engines to find your website by keywords. It seems like not the most difficult task to do, but it has so many different variables – so it’s not that easy to understand it right away after all.

Now more about: when, for whom and why

What is SEO?

As it was already mentioned above – there are a billion websites on the Internet. At least 35 % of them are commercial projects. To make such a website successful and cost-effective, one has to promote it. Search engines are smart mechanisms. They divide all websites by:

  • regions;
  • topics;
  • languages;
  • Protocols (secure and insecure).

And so on, all these parameters are very important to consider when it comes to SEO promotion.

SEO is a must-have tool to increase sales, but for whom?

<What is SEO?

It is for anyone who wants to multiply their profits on the Internet. When you create an online store, a service for thesis writing, a promo-site for providing legal services or in any other cases of e-commerce – you expect the resource to work. But in most cases, without a skilled website optimization, such a project will most likely fail among hundreds of its successful competitors.

Why you need your website to get first page rankings?      

What is SEO?   

According to statistics, users don’t scroll past the second page of search results. If by targeted query your website (for instance, your website is the teapot store then the query will be “teapot buy”) is beyond the link #20 then the probability that the target user will click on it is less than 5%. If you want to receive daily targeted website traffic, then your website should be at least in TOP-20 or ideally in TOP-3. This will ensure a daily influx of the audience interested in your services and offers.

When to start a website promotion?

What is SEO?

The answer is as soon as possible. Ideally, you should start it at the development stage. Strange as it sounds, you can promote a website even if it is only at the design stage. An important basis is gathered at this phase for further optimization. The younger the website, the easier and more efficient the optimization is. Promoting an older multi-page website (with 1000 or more pages) may run over time and require some reorganization.

Anyway, SEO promotion will always be a top service for commercial projects. As soon as you start thinking about getting this service, the better it is. Your project will become successful. It will increase traffic and your profits.

When will I see the results?

Many SEO-agencies promise  that you will get results in the first month of optimization. And your website will get the promised top rankings in the third month. However, it is impossible to predict it. When it comes to Google and Yandex, many factors come into play:

  • website parameters (age, a number of pages, topics, competitors, a multilingual factor);
  • Regions of promotion;
  • search engine (Google and/or Yandex);
  • content;
  • a number of people who will work on promotion;
  • website rankings at the start of optimization.

And other behavioral factors, as well as search engine innovations. That is why it is hard to tell the exact date when a miracle happens and the website gets desired rankings. But you will definitely see the first results in the first month of optimization.

What result can I expect?

SEO promotion will help to increase:

  • traffic – a number of visitors to the website;
  • conversion rate that indicates cost-effectiveness, for example, the number of orders, calls, views, i.e. everything that is important in website functioning;
  • recurring orders, signing-up and so on;
  • brand recognition and credibility.

What is SEO?

Don’t you agree that it is a very suggestive list of pros and cons?

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