What is copywriting? What types of it are there?


The word “copywriting” originated in English and it means the act of writing articles. Unlike in journalism, copywriter’s texts are created to advertise a product or service.

With active business developing on the Internet, there was a critical need to fill websites with unique content to get better ranking in search results. Since that time, the copywriting activity has intensively started to develop.

Types of Copywriting

Copywriters cannot write well covering all topics. Although novices start by doing so before they find the content in which they succeed. Here is a list of the most common types of copywriting:

Sales Copywriting

It is the most popular type of writing on the commercial Internet and includes:

  • a text in advertising;
  • articles with non-obvious online advertising or in magazines;
  • descriptions of goods and categories.

Copywriters, who write for sales purposes, have to take into consideration the psychology of the audience, understand its preferences, write creatively and be convincing. It is also important to be able to convert effectively a large amount of information into a short-written and easy-to-understand text.

What is copywriting? What types of it are there?

Sales authors study in detail the information about a product and pay attention to the essential details. Sure thing, excellent grammar skills are required since mistakes can make an impression of a frivolous and relatively cheap company.

SEO Copywriting

Every business that aims to work effectively on the Internet has to include search engine optimization (SEO). It is a strategic use of keywords and customer requests that will help goods and services to be easily found via Google’s search results and the like. That is why SEO can be found only in online content, for example:

  • web content;
  • descriptions of products.

What is copywriting? What types of it are there?

In this case, having a strategic thinking is crucial. A copywriter has to use search terms that come to mind of the target audience. By creating SEO content, a specialist uses creativity and research skills. Nevertheless, it is important to measure the readability of the text and not to overburden it with terms: no one wants to read content that is clearly full of keywords. Neither does Google.

Informative Copywriting

If you want to have catchy content, you will have to tell a story revolving around your key service by using the information about the products. However, by creating content for blogs, online magazines, and even social networks – the focus is not on the product but on building good relationships with your potential audience. When it comes to this, the best approach is to give readers interesting, useful and unique information.

What is copywriting? What types of it are there?

This encourages visitors of the resource to come back being sure that they will not be snowed under with ads.

Technical Copywriting

There is also another less sales-oriented type that is called technical copywriting. Its goal is still to create content that highlights the company’s achievements or the proper use of the product.

What is copywriting? What types of it are there?

In this case, the materials are presented as:

  • government documents;
  • specialized manuals;
  • in-depth technical documents.

This activity requires a profound knowledge of the subject or being ready to conduct research. Topics include such fields as science and environment, healthcare, marketing, finance, politics, etc. Technical content is to be comprehensive but at the same time understandable.

Creative Copywriting

We are most familiar with creative copywriting thanks to slowly fading television.

What is copywriting? What types of it are there?

This type is used in:

  • jingles and advertising (TV and radio).

Here, it is highly appreciated the understanding of customer’s psychology and the ability to come up quickly with slogans and catchy phrases that can become cultural references.

Advertising Copywriting

The main point of this type is to create a positive and even appealing reputation for the company and its goods. To do this, copywriters write and publish articles and press releases created to raise awareness about a new product or service. Large companies and brands use this technique along with media advertising.

Advertising copywriting is also a great solution when it comes to eliminating consequences of negative advertising. Since the rules in marketing change rapidly, advertising writers should have a flexible mindset.


Although the goals for rewriting are the same, the principles of work differ radically. If a copywriter analyzes raw material and approaches it creatively in order to present the topic in a new light, then a rewriter’s goal is quite simple – to rewrite the finished text by keeping the meaning and making it 100% unique to avoid any copyright violations. This service has proved to be very useful when there is a need to quickly fill the site with content just “for the record”.

As a result

Do you need to sell the product or make a unique impression on the company? To make sure that copywriter’s services pay off greatly, you should think of what your goals are. And only then you can choose the author who is competent in one field or another.

You should not underestimate text-based content for a website. It has to be of high quality. By delegating such tasks to professionals, a business owner will save up lots of personal time and, as a result, will have “functioning” texts that will help goods to find their customer in the endless flow of information.


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