Only in April: SEO + contextual advertising for the price of SEO


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Only in April: SEO + contextual advertising for the price of SEO

Until the end of April, by ordering website promotion for three months at least – you get free customization and advertising campaigns on Google and Yandex throughout our cooperation!

What Are The Benefits?

Customization and PPC marketing (contextual advertising) cost $100-$300 on average. So, you can save up to $300 every month with us and, at the same time, get more traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

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What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

In Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct, you can add advertising campaigns – banner ads shown on partner sites - that will be displayed in search results. That means a potential customer who was searching for certain products or answers to specific questions will be seeing the ads of your project from now on.

Advantages of Contextual Advertising

First results in a week!

Even if you have just launched your website and, let’s say, according to preliminary calculations you will make sales two or three months later, however, with professionally personalized contextual advertising, you can get first orders one week later.

Starts working at once

High-quality SEO takes half a year to outrun competitors and improve your keyword search rankings. Contextual advertising, on the other hand, starts working and leads motivated customers to buy your goods and services right after being launched.

Comprehensive Support

Contextual advertising and SEO are two basic sources that attract up to 90% of all users to the website provided they are optimized in a right way. That is, by prioritizing these two and financing website promotion, you will get constantly increasing sales, traffic, and average order value.

Special Offer Terms


Choose the promotion packages

You can choose the promotion pricing packages that fit your company's budget or by contacting our manager in a convenient way for you to develop a personalized optimization strategy according to the specifics of the business and your goals.


Set up of contextual advertising

After being paid at least for the three-month SEO services, we are up to customizing contextual advertising on Google or Yandex. A specialist will create campaigns and will be running them throughout the entire period of cooperation absolutely for free (but no longer than three months).

The special offer is available until the end of April. For more information, please feel free to call us at +38 098 897-78-78 or email your questions


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