Is Leaflet an alternative to Google Maps?


The news about the paid version of Google maps is fast because developers are breaking their heads over displaying maps on clients’ websites.

Therefore, the Leaflet library, created using JavaScript, is considered a breakthrough in the development of websites. And not because it stands next to the leading libraries of OpenLayers or Google Maps Api, but because it is the most “light” – only 38 KB of JS.

The development of this library is focused on simplicity, productivity, and ease of use. Leaflet effectively works on the main platforms supporting the stack: JS, HTML5, and CSS3. The library has a large number of plug-ins and an easy-to-understand documented API. The meaning of this library is not to cover as many opportunities as possible. But the existing functions work fine.

The library supports browsers of platforms:

  • Chrome;
  • Fire Fox;
  • Safari 5+;
  • Opera 12+ ;
  • IE 7-11.

And also browsers of mobile platforms:

  • Safari for iOS 7+;
  • Android browser 2.2+, 3.1+, 4+;
  • Chrome and Firefox for mobile devices;
  • IE10 + for Win8 devices.

It is worth paying attention that this library has an open source code. Everyone can participate in its development. True lovers will get more pleasure from this process, than from standard work with API.

Using the Leaflet js library, you can display raster maps from tiles without even knowing about the geoinformation system. The developer can overlay additional interactive layers on top of the main layer, which can display pop-ups or clues while clicking on the marker. And thanks to the modular library assembly system, you can disable unnecessary functionality.

Before pointing out the lack of any library features, be sure to check out all the plug-ins. And then the matter of technology and knowledge of the developer.

Is Leaflet an alternative to Google Maps?

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