How much does SEO cost?


A lot of website owners are interested in how much SEO promotion costs, right before they find a professional who specializes in it. At the same time, almost everyone looks for a way to save money. Indeed, different specialists offer their services at different rates. And the results, in the end, are completely different.

What is included in the cost for SEO services?

What is included in the cost for SEO services?

To define the cost of SEO promotion, it is essential to understand what exactly this process consists of. What is included in website promotion?

So, here are the main elements that are cost-consuming:

  1. Choosing and implementing promotion strategies. It is quite likely that it takes some time which is included in the cost of SEO. The amount of time and efforts depends on the goals you set for an SEO specialist. How many customers do you want to have? Is it 20 or 200 people in a month?
  2. Compiling the semantic core of the website. It implies selecting the queries that are the most beneficial for the promotion. It is quite a resource-consuming stage. It requires diligence, concentration, the ability to analyze and a lot of time.
  3. Link acquisition for external optimization of your resource. The cost of promotion through links can be divided into two components:
  • Payment for the services of a specialist who will purchase them;
  • Payment for the links itself.
  1. Copywriter who has a great impact on the cost of website promotion. The quality of texts depends on their professional skills. A copywriter has to create a unique content which would be easily perceived not only by search engines but also by visitors. These services should be paid for in a proper way.

If it is obvious that your website lacks unique content, then the only way out is to hire a copywriter who will improve the situation.

  1. Staff photographer whose services also affect the overall cost of SEO promotion. Web pages have to be filled not only with unique texts but also with proper images.
  2. Similar to the previous paragraph, it is also important to have a staff camera operator who will make your website interesting, lively and engaging to potential visitors.
  3. Technical support. You will definitely need a programmer who will work on website development following the SEO recommendations.
  4. Another important employee is a social media manager who is in charge of publishing content and its administration, promoting the information about your website on social networks.

Now you can imagine how much work needs to be done and how many specialists you need for this. Paying their salaries is the cost of SEO optimization.

How much does an effective SEO cost?

The prices paid for website promotion can vary greatly. The cost of SEO depends on:

  • how skilled an SEO specialist is;
  • their popularity and the number of good reviews about them;
  • the guarantees that they provide;
  • how competitive the website topic is;
  • who the target audience is.

As a result, the cost of SEO cannot be stable. Only by taking into account many factors, one could calculate it.

But if someone offers you $20-30 a month for their services, then don’t get your hopes up. If you agree to this, then you will waste hundreds of dollars before you realize that it is just a trick. In such case, you won’t get real results. So, how much is SEO?

Our company made 4 offers for all kind of business:

How much is SEO costs?

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An approximate minimum budget can fluctuate around $200 a month. If someone offers you less, it means they don’t do their job as they are supposed to. In the end, you won’t get the best results.

However, if you go to professionals who are well-known on the market and if you want to promote your website on highly competitive queries, then be ready to pay thousands of dollars for SEO.

Also, you should know that the cost of SEO on average is half the cost of contextual advertising, although it is quite time-consuming (2-3 months). But this is how you can really save money. As to the rest, it is better not to spare. After all, as we all know – cheapest is the dearest!

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How much does SEO cost?
How much does SEO cost?

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