The main task with which the head of any company faces is to increase the efficiency of their activities. In today’s world, it is rather difficult to get results without creating a website on the Internet. Who can you rely on with such an important task?

Where can you order a website development?

Every entrepreneur seeks to get a high-quality product which will stand out thanks to its reasonable cost. Nowadays website development services are offered by web agencies as well as by freelancers.

Many customers prefer to work with freelancers. It is not surprising at all because they are drawn by low cost of their services. To find a right candidate, it is enough to visit specialized labor exchanges. Among freelancers there are both novice students and experienced professionals whose works are as good as the projects carried out by employees of prestigious web agencies. But when it comes to deciding where to order a site development, it is important to keep in mind the essential shortcomings of such a decision, which are the following:

  1. No contract. Usually only a few agree to sign it. ‘No contract’ leads to the fact that the order may not meet the specified requirements and won’t be ready on time. Thus, the effective protection of your rights is limited when you work with a freelancer;
  2. Chances are that a freelance worker will just take off. When ordering a website development from unknown specialists and paying them in advance, you should remember that they may stop getting in touch. Before hiring a freelancer, do check out his portfolio, reviews and work history.
  3. A specialist who performs many tasks. If after thinking it through where to order the site creation, you’ve decided to hire a freelancer, then you should keep in mind that they will be a programmer, a designer, and a promotion specialist – and all of this at once. Of course in such case, you can’t expect high-quality results.
Customers’ needs & desiresTwo options
1.     ComfortFreelancerAgency
1.1. Low cost+
1.2. Total control over the working process+/-
1.3. No confidential information leaks+/-
1.4.  Responsibility & trust+
1.5. Knowing the business+/-+/-
1.6. Individual approach, flexible cooperation++
2.     Speed
2.1. Immediate response+
2.2. High speed details introduction+/-+/-
2.3. Quick results
3.     Quality
3.1. Professionalism within various fields+
3.2. Expertise & Experience+
3.3. Your website is a priority #1+/-
3.4. Use of specialized tools+
4.     Prospects
4.1. Scalability & flexibility+
4.2. Trend following+/-+


The table shows the main customers’ needs and desires.

Benefits of working with a web agency

No matter how skilled a specialist, they can be called a professional but if they work in one field only. It is difficult for a web designer to do the job of a programmer, whilst a programmer has no skills in website promotion. Thus, it is impossible to avoid the shortcomings in a project. That’s why it is recommended to work with web agencies. Their competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Signing a contract. The contact between a customer and a contractor ensures that the first party receives a high-quality project completed on time, so that the specified deadlines are met, and also that the second party receives the payment for the services provided. Thanks to this, you will get results on time without any delays caused by valid reasons or just some excuses which are so typical of freelancers.
  • Supporting even after the services are provided. By working with web agency professionals, you can be certain that first of all they are interested in reaching the goals. If you need a help after the project has been delivered, they will be ready to answer all of our questions and fix any issues;
  • A team of specialists among whom are programmers, web designers, Internet marketing specialists, SEO specialists, specialists in contextual advertising. Each one is devoted to doing their job exclusively. When a website is developed by a web agency, it means that a programmer is only in charge of programming, a web designer is in charge of designing a site, content writers are in charge of advertising, marketing specialists are in charge of rational arrangement of blocks on a webpage etc.

Thus, working with a web agency is the best solution for entrepreneurs. Its specialists have worked in a team for a long time, which means they know the requirements of their colleagues and they are ready to discuss any arising issues or to deal with any challenges right away. By relying on a web agency with the website development, an entrepreneur can make a significant progress and bring their business on to a brand new level.

If you expect a quick and high-quality result for free, then it would seem like something from science fiction.

The best value for money principle allows you to calculate your budget and discuss all the possibilities with a web agency. That’s why, before rushing into a risky business, you should asses your capabilities. Can you afford to do it all over again at some point later?

A memo for customers

Do you actually believe such thing exists?

  • Free
  • High-quality
  • Trash
  • Pricey
  • Utopia
  • Slow
  • Quick
  • Clumsy
  • Cheap
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