Five SEO pearls of wisdom for the end of this year


Search engine optimization strategies are constantly changing, the main goal of any SEO operations remains the same: the presence of the website at the highest positions in the search results. Some companies prefer another way to promote their resource – contextual and other types of online advertising. But a paid traffic model is often more expensive, and for small business owners, it is an unjustified risk.

Thus, SEO promotion will help you to win in the competition for the first page in the largest search engines. But the rates are rising because the strategies used to attract traffic to websites are constantly changing under the influence of the dynamics of the search algorithms.

Yesterday you were only thinking that as many people as possible enter your site from their desktop computers. Now, most requests come from mobile devices and not in the traditional form, but, for example, using voice commands or Google Maps.

Let us check what factors influence the effectiveness of SEO strategies today. And, what should be put at the forefront in order to stay at the top of the ranking.
Пятерка SEO премудростей, актуальных в этом году

First of all, the key to success is quality content. Moreover, the quality can be a voluminous, the content of analytical type or short, but succinct text messages. The expert opinions on this issue are quite contradictory. And each position has its own argument. First of all, its volume testifies in favor of short content: it reads faster, which means that the information reaches the user quickly, answers all interesting questions. Also, short forms are more effective for mobile versions.

Long content, in turn, is able to hold the attention of the visitor, contains a deep reasoned analysis of the problem. It is claimed by the target interested audience and provides high-quality backlinks. Ultimately, it causes more confidence among professionals. Most often reputable authoritative resources are filled with long content.

Пятерка SEO премудростей, актуальных в этом году

What kind of content is more effective, which one should be preferred? The choice of text content format depends on many factors:

  • the age of your resource – if you are a young company that has just entered the market, you need to declare yourself to as many users as possible, then, of course, the short format is preferable, since it is often shared into network, to get acquainted with its contents just a quick look; if your resource has long been firmly established on the Internet, has its own accumulated clients, its regular subscribers or visitors, you should pay more attention to deep analytical materials;
  • its goals, objectives, and purpose – what is your website created for: engage new users, expand sales geography and increase your customer base, provide a platform for discussing urgent problems or specific topics, take higher positions in a search engine, or something else entirely different. Choose the content format that best helps the purpose of the resource. Although with time, tasks may vary. So, your content should change depending on the goals that you set for yourself;
  • your target audience is youth, more impatient and always hurrying, very rarely read long texts to the end, the representatives of the older generation, on the contrary, have little confidence in small forms;
  • from which device this information will be obtained – of course, in mobile devices it is not very convenient to read full-length texts, another thing is a tablet in which there is a larger screen and you can hold it in your hand for quite a long time, desktop computers are universal in this respect for both short and long format.

Google evaluates content quality using the EAT formula: expertise + authoritativeness + trustworthiness. That is, regardless of the length of the text, it should be informative: valuable, useful, interesting.

Recently, the number of Internet users from mobile devices has exceeded the number of users of desktop versions, in connection with Google introduction of a mobile-first index in 2016. And on July 1 of this year, this platform entered into force. What is its essence? Now, priority in search results will not be given to desktop, but to mobile versions of sites, and, accordingly, resources that do not have such risks to go down. In order to stay in the top of search results, you must either have an adaptive layout of the site, or its mobile version on a separate subdomain. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, although the first option is recognized as a priority, since managing, maintaining and filling the two sites is still quite expensive in terms of time and material resources.

In addition, it is important to monitor the speed of loading elements of both versions, because this indicator remains one of the factors of ranking pages. Remember, mobile search need quick access to any information. So, before you launch your mobile version, check it out through the free test tools.

Another important point is the same content and the same structure of both versions of the same site: everything that is available to users of computers should also be in the mobile version of the resource, all attachments, bookmarks, all functional features. Website usability is an important factor in the desktop version, in the mobile version – it has even more weight: carefully consider the location and size of the buttons, navigation options.

The voice mobile search is comparatively new technology that is gradually beginning to dominate the search engines-. Yes, the technology itself was introduced by today’s standards a long time ago, and the growth of its popularity is associated exclusively with the fact that the number of devices supporting it has increased. In addition to smartphones, these are various smart speakers or “smart speakers” such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, etc. Google has its own smart home speaker called Home. Google is actively investing in this technology, so in the near future, an update of Google Search Console and Google Analytics has been announced for processing data obtained from voice search.

Пятерка SEO премудростей, актуальных в этом году
Although the role of links has significantly decreased lately, they still remain the fundamental basis for website promotion in search engines, in spite of many skeptical statements from even the most reputable experts. Of course, now it is no longer possible to significantly increase the rating of a young website only by increasing the link mass. It is necessary to correctly place accents and priorities, take into account all the accompanying factors, start with high-quality internal optimization.

Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system used by Google to rank queries. RB is one of the most important and newest components of the general Hummingbird search algorithm (Hummingbird). It will appreciate the high-quality content that keeps visitors on your page for a long time, the smart system will find it valuable, and if a visitor leaves your page right away, this also will not go unnoticed and will certainly affect your rating. Takes into account RB and such indicator as clickability, high CTR will help you to advance in search results.

On these aspects, perhaps, it is worthwhile to focus on those who want to promote their resource now, in the current year. Next year, these parameters may already be not so relevant: something will be added, something may leave. Obviously, the popularity of the latest innovations, such as voice search or “smart speakers”, will grow. SEO never stops, like the search engines themselves, on which website ranking directly depends.

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