Everyone gets a promo from Google

Google aims to make the Internet accessible to all users. This time the search engine giant struggles but hasn’t overcome the issue yet, however, made a serious step towards solving the problem of 60% of small businesses who don’t have their own website.

A new service within the project called “My Business” allows making a full online web page of the company just in one hour (that’s how long it takes only if you thoroughly pick pictures for the cover page and describe all your thoughts while filling in information about the company). It is a free service. The page immediately gets adapted for all devices. It is the latest product with a well-thought design from Google.

And as to the downsides:

  • You can create a website only on a recommended domain and no other way. Also, it’s rather unlikely that you could transfer it to another platform;
  • There are no features like Live Chat or Call Back. Unfortunately, it makes it impossible for customers to send a request using a website. And there is no way you can add these little, and yet commercially important, features.
  • Templates – all you can use are standard features and that’s it.

All in all, Google develops another platform for the business on its own terms. Nevertheless, to have your own site would be a reasonable decision and it would be more than enough for a little while. Most likely, it will become a must-have feature for SEOs. After all, Google “likes” those sites that use its services.

What is the prognosis?

This useful Western “marvel thing” won’t be popular among users in Russia and the CIS countries. According to Evgeny Kurt, a director of uCoz, this service wouldn’t be of interest to our entrepreneurs due to its limited features and the lack of chances to customize the resource to the requirements of their business.

Let’s not forget that this is not the first Google project on creating a platform for website development. In 2011, Gmail users were presented with the service “Google Site”.

A site for a site

This way of development is not suitable for commercial projects. It has narrow functionality and little recourses. Once again, all you have is only a recommended domain. However, there is a bright side: it will never shut down (Google won’t let this happen to its users).

Classic Google Sites

With classic sites creating a portal for an organization or a team is as easy as editing a usual document. Just add content like text, videos, calendars, presentations, and files, and provide access for the organization or for everyone.

There are open and closed access systems – it could be a website for your team or a project. Besides, the rest of the services and add-ons of the company perfectly interact with each other.

So, now with Google, you can create a start-up platform for your own business. And all you invest is your time. As we know one cannot do what is beyond his abilities, so the development is kind of minimal. But it is enough to appreciate the necessity of having your own resource on the Internet. In the future, if you would like to expand your business and to take advantage of every benefit out there, then contact the experts who specialize in website development.





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