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We - think over, analyse, design, create, decorate, emphasize, develop, and promote your business in Internet! We are the Bonum web-studio team. Today we are more than 30 people who are working on a common goal - the creation and development of projects on the World Wide Web. It all started in March 2016 with two proactive characters who worked like Rexona - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And at the same time they still love what they do daily in NON-STOP mode. With each successful project, an indispensable universal specialist appeared.

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We can everything

Today, thanks to a qualified and experienced team, we can do everything: create and repair sites, redo them after unsuccessful attempts by competitors, arrange sites in modern and complex designs, analyze the market and sites to draw up a marketing plan for promoting a commercial project. In addition, we professionally promote resources in Google and Yandex, deeply analyze and objectively evaluate the state of the site, based on the results of the analysis, we recommend a set of measures to optimize it. For online advertising of your company, we use all known methods, we can provide individual services or the whole complex.

bonum is the team of success

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Design & Development

The heart of our team. This department makes wonders: using your idea, their knowledge and experience, they create unique projects. In order for your website to “shoot” among two billion sites, leaving behind all your rivals and competitors, our programmers, designers, layout designers, and testers will do everything possible and impossible.

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Internet Marketing

The brain of our web studio. Only the most persistent, patient and analytically thinking people work here. Internet marketers will help you create the optimal online business promotion strategy and achieve your goals. SEO specialists will provide top places in search engines and a steady flow of customers. PPC managers will conduct a competent PR campaign to attract the target audience. And most importantly - in achieving all these goals, our friendly team uses only white methods of promoting your website.

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Management & Support

The soul of our company. Only responsive, calm and understanding people work here who will help you in any situation. They will advise, explain in details and recommend the best option for resolving the most insoluble issues. It is these people who provide operational communication between you and our specialists. They provide technical support for 60 days after the completion of the project.

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